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I have this data in a table:

id  account status
1      8       1
2      8       4
4      8       3
5      8       1
6      1       4
7      1       3

I want a single query to return me the account number, and if any of the status' for that account is <3 then return 'Yes' else 'No'. So, these results:

account pending
8          'Yes'
1          'No'

I had:

SELECT account, IF(status>2,'No','Yes') as pending FROM table GROUP BY account;

But it only seems to take into account the first row for each account. (ex. id 1's status=1 so even if id 4's status is changed so status=1, it'll still think all is greater than 2.)

I really appreciate any help. I normally can do decent query design, but this is giving me a brain cramp. :)

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looks like both return No. –  Randy Mar 12 '11 at 0:31

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    SELECT account, IF(max(status)>2,'No','Yes') as pending 
FROM table 
GROUP BY account
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Entirely correct, thanks! I realize I stated my question wrong, I meant if ANY of the status is <3 return 'yes', else 'no'. Using MIN did what I needed.Geez, how could I forget MIN()/MAX().. Long Friday. Thanks again. –  Tim Habersack Mar 12 '11 at 0:38

Try using an aggregate function, for example BIT_OR:

SELECT account, IF(BIT_OR(status>2),'No','Yes') as pending FROM table GROUP BY account; 
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