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I'm trying to fetch a value from a NSString that is between two specific words/characters. Here is the NSString that I'm working with:Name

<div id="stat-2">33</div>
<div id="stat-1">Age</div>
<div id="stat-2">28</div>
<div id="stat-1">Location</div>
<div id="stat-2">190.54.5</div>
<div id="stat-1">Lot</div>
<div id="row" style="width:80.4px">                </div>

I'm trying to extract the style value which is in this example is width:80.4px How can this be done? I don't think trimming would work so I don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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See -componentsSeparatedByString: and -floatValue

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I would suggest using an XML parser. You could use NSXMLParser or any other parser of your choice.

Here's a comparison between xml parsers:


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XML parser if input is XHTML. Regular expressions otherwise (take a look at NSRegularExpression).

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