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I need to export jar from my Eclipse Java project and I want to include the referenced libraries. I can't use fatjar for this, which is what everyone seems to recommend. There must be another way of doing this. Does anyone know what this is?!

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Please explain why you can't use farjar. Everyone recommends it because that's what everyone uses and it works well. So why should there be a another tool to do the same thing?? confused – Aaron Digulla Feb 9 '09 at 12:52
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The next version of Eclipse (3.5, due next June) has an option to include all necessary jars. It was introduced in 3.5M5 (thanks, basszero).

Or you can try to build your project with Maven 2. Then, you can build a "fat" jar with mvn assembly:assembly.

Another option is to use ant. Unpack all JAR files into a temp directory and jar them up again.

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The recent milestone version of Eclipse (3.5M5) includes the feature you just mentioned. – basszero Feb 9 '09 at 13:09

I think its version 3.3 of Eclipse (ganymede) that has Export as Runnable JAR file. Last time I tried it, it did include the referenced libraries and also un-jars all the jars.

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This feature of eclipse works just fine to dump only the referenced libraries into separate folder. "Export as Runnable Jar" with "Copy the referenced libraries into a subfolder .." option.

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This is almost the same answer as that provided by @bernie-perez. Should have been posted as a comment to that answer instead. – cabad Oct 22 '13 at 18:25

Just posting a little (Helios) gotcha for using the Eclipse export Jar - you must first run (in Eclipse) a class with a main() method, otherwise the "Launch configuration" dropdown will be blank and you'll not be able to export.

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I guess you could modify your build script to include the libraries. If I undestand correctly you can put into your <jar destfile="myProject.jar"> ... <zipfileset src="theExternalLib.jar"> </jar>

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You can export an XML file from eclipse,then analyse the file to get the jars you want - see this link.

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