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My breakpoints are not working in XCode4. To fix this in XCode3 I turned off the "Load symbols lazily" option, I can't find a similar option in XCode4...

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I'm seeing this too, and it's frustrating. my breakpoints work at first but i want to disable them until a certain point and they won't work if i do :( –  Kevlar May 6 '11 at 17:48
Hey are you able to solve the problem ? I am getting same problem. –  Ankit Aug 24 '11 at 7:17

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There is no Load Symbols Lazily option in Xcode 4.

The Breakpoints button in the project window toolbar toggles running/debugging your program. Xcode initially sets the button for running, which disables your breakpoints. For your breakpoints to be enabled, the Breakpoints button should look like the following:

Breakpoints Button

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In earlier Xcode version find Xcode -> Preferences -> Debugging tab. Uncheck Load symbols lazily if checked. It seems to be dropped from Xcode 4. Have a look at this post click here

This worked for me.

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