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Can someone recommend an open source POS tagger for Korean, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese?

That I can use to tag the corpus data that I currently have. (e.g. the stanford-postagger)

If you are a dev and care to share and let me test out the POS tagger, I don't mind either.

With some modifications of the output, I've POS tagged the Vietnamese data with jvntextpro

But I'd still like more input on Korean, Indonesian and Thai POS tagging.

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After acl wiki: Korean morphological analyzer and part-of-speech tagger

I would start to look on the websites of NLP research departments in Korea, Thailand, and Korean. On this page, you will find links to the research departments.

Good luck!

UPDATE: OpenNLP has thai PoS. Here are the models: http://opennlp.sourceforge.net/models/thai/ for PoS opennlp tagger.

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isoft.postech.ac.kr/Course/CS730b/2005/index.html i've found the korean tagger on this page. now the thai tagger is missing. hahaa.. thanks for the page, but we need a better collation of NLP resources. –  alvas Apr 16 '11 at 4:49

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