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ASMX runs just like you'd access a web page use/reuse IIS thread. What about WCF ? Do I get a different instance & thread(old or new is irrelevant) per request (assume no session) ?

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No session and no singleton means: per-call activation of your service class. The WCF runtime will grab a thread from the threadpool and assign it to handle your request. WCF is by default not tightly integrated into the ASP.NET runtime - it can be living totally without IIS and ASP.NET. –  marc_s Mar 12 '11 at 8:43

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WCF is more configurable than ASMX, and may run in hosts other than IIS.

I think you can assume that threads will come from the thread pool.

Instancing will be controlled by the configured InstanceContextMode of the service.

Re-entrancy is controlled by the configured ConcurrencyMode of the service.

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