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I'm using jqgrid. I need to set background color of the cell based on the values.

I have tried using the following code after reload the table the color is disabled.

jQuery("#list").setCell ('5','5','t',{background:'#ff0000'});

I want to set the cell background color on table loading, based on the cell values. how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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You can do this in many ways: see this, this or this. Important is not only how you do this, but where. The loadComplete event handle is the good place for that.

UPDATED: In the next version of jqGrid you will able to use new cellattr option as function in the colModel. See this demo and my original suggestion.

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To use the cellattr functionality with the asp.net library of jqGrid, add this to your column. I can't find this documented well anywhere else online...

    <trirand:CustomFormatter SetAttributesFunction="clientSideFunctionName" />

And Thank Oleg for the awesome addition to jqGrid :)

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