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I am using CI to create a project for a client, I have a submit button as an image but it doesn't seem to be submitting the form, the code I have at the moment is.

<input type="image" name="trialSubmit" id="trialSubmit" src="<?php echo base_url().'images/subscribe_free.jpg'; ?>" style="height:29px;width:207px;border-width:0px;" />

The code I have to use at the moment is as follows

<input type="submit" name="trialSubmit" value=" Subscribe Free " id="" class="button" />

If anyone could shed some light on why it's not working with the image, that would be tight.


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Is it across all browsers? Or IE specific? What about if you add an onclick event just for testing? onclick="javascript:document.formidhere.submit()"

I'd recommend using either <input type="submit" /> or my preference would be to use <button type="submit> due to browser inconsistencies with <input type="image" /> and just style the button with something like:

    background:url('/images/subscribe_free.jpg') no-repeat;
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Try adding value="trialSubmit" to get the image to submit. Seemed to work for me.

You could also see if this answer helps: image submit button

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