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I'm trying to find libraries or examples of parsing tools or patterns to use in generically parsing content out of HTML. I'm thinking something along the lines of how services like post.ly can take arbitrary HTML content and pick out what it thinks are grouped blocks of content. For instance, it finds large images and text blocks surrounding it.

My searches for either "screen scraping" or "HTML parsing" are mostly useless in this context. I do not merely need to just parse the HTML, I need to be able to find a generic way to parse content that is related to other content on the page in a meaningful way.

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You only have two choices for "meaningful" 1) use the HTML structure itself [at which a parser is what you need] or 2) try to understand the deep meaning of the HTML content. Nobody knows how to do 2). I suggesting focus on 1). –  Ira Baxter Mar 12 '11 at 19:10
I'm sure there must be some libraries written for this by people far smarter than me. :) Some basic rules I have off the top of my head would be grabbing any images larger than a certain size, maybe within certain aspect ratio (super wide images might just be an ad or header, for instance, so probably not relevant to the page content). Another would be selecting P and DIV content within a certain distance of said images to find captions and whatnot. I can do this all myself, but in this case I'd prefer to not reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. –  Beau Simensen Mar 14 '11 at 4:20
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I guess this will be helpful for u JSOUP

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I think this is hard. I am new to the field but have been experimenting with this problem for the last few weeks and I couldn't find anything that finds relationship between content for me nor would I want to use one if it existed. The reason is each page is unique and the creators use different logic in each page so it would be very difficult to just take one system like that and apply it generically. I think you need to study the pages and program the logic in a script. If you want to go this route, then we can help you as you hit problems.

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I got good results for generating article summaries by simply selecting the largest text block.

Another option is to use the undocumented instapaper service.

(Links to my blog)

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