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Does anybody knows how to use xcode3 userscripts in xcode4 ?

There was this great script which allowed you to select a variable and automatically generate property/synthetise/dealloc code :


Do you have any idea how to do this in xcode4 ?

Thanks, Vincent

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I managed to get it working a little while ago. Abstracted it out into a re-usable processor for Xcode 3 scripts. Find it at https://github.com/heardrwt/Xcode4UserScripts

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It's gone as far as I can see. We'll probably have to use an external script system that takes text from the clipboard, processes it and then puts it back.

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That's what i thought, do you have some clue about how to write that external script system : what tool could do that, some tutorial maybe ? Thanks for your answer –  vdaubry Mar 13 '11 at 7:47

I finally found a way to do that with Xcode4 :


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