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I have a piece of code which upon approval sends a mail to an email address. The email is not being sent. Do I need to configure something on my web server?

function mailpassword($email, $password){
    //notify that the password has been changed

    $query = "select email from users where email = '".$email."'";
    $mailquery = mysqli_query($connect,$query);
        throw new Exception ('The entered email address could not be found');
    else if($mailquery->num_rows==0)
        throw new Exception ('The entered email address could not be found');

        //username not in database
    //if no errors, send mail
        $row = $mailquery->fetch_object();
        $email = $row->email;
        $from = "From : support@example.com \r\n";
        $mesg = "Hey,\n\n You requested for a new password. We have generated a completely random password for you, use it to login.\n\n
        New Password - ".$password."\r\n
        Please change this random password to a password of your choice once you log in. To change your password, click on the Accounts tab present in your dashboard.\r\n


        if(mail($email, 'Password Change Account Details', $mesg, $from))
            return true;
            echo "great";
            echo "Something went wrong";

    $mails = mailpassword();
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@jakenoble: Please always include a link to the accepting answers howto, else newcomers don't know what it is about. @sarthak: There is nothing obvious wrong with your code. It's indeed a problem with the server configuration when mail() doesn't work. Consult your hosting provider. –  mario Mar 12 '11 at 14:52
You could test without the $from field however. It contains extraneous whitespace before the : and the \r\n (which should be omitted too if it's the last/only header). –  mario Mar 12 '11 at 14:56
@mario - good point, noted. I'll do that in future –  Jake N Mar 12 '11 at 15:08

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There's an easy solution to email problems: use a hosted solution that makes sure all email sent from your application gets through. There are some alternatives like Amazon and Postmark. We use Postmark with great success (not affiliated though ehe;)

There's this PHP class for Postmark that I'm kinda proud of... :-)

This wasn't directly an answer to your question, but I hope it was helpful anyway!

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Try to remove the space before the colon in the From header:

$from = "From: support@example.com \r\n"
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