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I'm using a Paypal class available here:
by Micah Carrick for paypal integration along with IPN.

Now, I want users to subscribe and I want to handle the subscription/unsubscription IPN's. This is the current code:

case 'ipn': 

if ($p->validate_ipn()) {

     // Payment has been recieved and IPN is verified.  This is where you
     // update your database to activate or process the order, or setup
     // the database with the user's order details, email an administrator,
     // etc.  You can access a slew of information via the ipn_data() array.

How would I detect if the event is "subscription", "un-subscription" or anything else?

Thanks in advance,

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You can tell the type of transaction through the txn_type parameter available in the request. Refer to the PayPal manual for the various types.

subscr_signup and subscr_cancel indicate subscription and unsubscription appropriately.

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