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I downloaded the WiiRemoteJ java library from here:


But I don't know how to install it into netbeans to use with a project!

I went to tools>Libraries, then clicked New Library... then typed "wiiremotej" as the name. Under class path, I navigated to the "WiiRemoteJ.jar" file. Then I added the JavaDocs folder. When I created a new project and tried to import the library, (import WiiRemoteJ.*;) it gives me an error and says "Package WiiRemoteJ does not exist"!

The same thing happened with another wii remote library I tried (motej)

Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

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This also does not work with Box 2d. –  MrJuavo Mar 30 '11 at 23:50

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Well, the most straight forward approach would be to right click the project's Libraries node, and select Add JAR/Folder. This way you can use the JAR right away, without any additional registration.

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