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I want to create an Admin-only page for my GAE application. But I found there's no way to set a Admin user, so I cannot log on the page I created and test the function. I tried the local Admin console, but no luck. How can I do this?

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Google App Engine provides a pretty straightforward way to create a private admin section of your web application.

In your app.yaml, any URL handler can have a login setting to restrict visitors to only those users who have signed in, or just those users who are administrators for the application.
If the setting is login: admin, once the user has signed in, the handler checks whether the user is an administrator for the application. If not, the user is given an error message; if the user is an administrator, the handler proceeds.
Here a snippet of app.yaml where the /admin/.* routes are admin restricted :

 - url: /admin/.*
   login: admin

Trying to access the admin url, the dev app server automatically shows the login panel where you should check the Sign in as Administrator checkbox.

enter image description here

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When you log in (the blue box where you enter the email) there is a checkbox to apply the administrator flag to your session.

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You can define admin only pages in your app.yaml, like so:

- url: /secrets/
  script: /secrets/
  login: admin

an admin is whoever is so defined in your control panel, under permissions.

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