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Is it possible that when a QR code is scanned by the Iphone :-

Step 1. It will either load an installed native app on the phone or prompt it to download the app from the store. Step 2. The app will be Loaded on the Device with data specific to the QR tag which you have scanned.

For Eg: when a QR Tag is scanned the app will display a list of services which are available to the person at that particular location/room of a Hotel/Hospital or University

I do not want to data to display on the browser and rather have it displayed directly on the native app.

Please note the data which will be displayed on the app when its loaded will be data from the server.

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I would say this question is not really QR code-specific. In general, you want to know how to link to or invoke an app. If you can do it with a URI, then you can just generate a QR code for that URI. I like using qrcode.kaywa.com. – Kon Mar 12 '11 at 16:22

For what you are asking, you cannot do both at the same time. You'd need the app that is scanning the code to have logic for it (a custom app you create) - Scans the code and then does a webservice call based on the QR code data, the displays the data in a format of your choosing.

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Kon is right, you need to figure out URI/URL to use to trigger specific app. It is done differently on different mobile platforms.

iOS has URL Schemas, Android has Intents.

Here is somewhat similar question/answer - Is there a way to add friends instantly on a mobile device through QR-codes?

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