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We wanted to route the key events to background activity. Eg: Let’s assume 2 Activity’s A and B. First I will launch activity A , on top of activity A I will launch Activity B which is having transparency , So both activity A and B is visible with B being foreground activity. Now user press any key. The key is first passed to Activity B (since it’s a focused activity) , if Activity B doesn’t consume that key event we need to pass that key event to Activity A.

Pls suggest me how can we achive this

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Remember that when an Activity is in the background it can no longer process any UI events since the Activity is invisible to the user. Stated another way, an invisible Activity shouldn't need to process events because those events are irrelevant for an invisible Activity.

If you want to process events and get data that both Activities use and can not do so via the startActivityForResult and getActivityResult methods you should probably start looking at Services or an AsyncTask.

Either way you do it, it is simply not necessary for an Activity to process any results or data while it is invisible. Utilize methods like onResume, onStart, onRestart to process the data you want once the Activity is coming to the foreground.

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