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It's the same situation as here, but now I need to post a message to the wall of a Facebook Page.

I tried the following (the other code is the same as in the answer):

$facebook->api('/PAGE-ID/feed', 'post', $attachment)

But I get the error

(#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action`.

I think I have the wrong access_token for that action but where/how do I get the correct?

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Facebooks documentation on obtaining access_tokens and permissions is documented on their site Here.

You will need to obtain a permanent access_token with the permissions to post to the users status page if you want to post offline. You must have the permanent (or offline_access) token in order to do this without worrying about the token expiring.

When requesting an access_token you can add an additional permissions attribute to the GET request that is issued, in that key you specify the additional permissions you would like.

EDIT: The process for obtaining a token with scope permission is here, under the section "Authorization" look at the second example. It will have a "scope" sample requesting additional permissions. The permissions used to be documented in the OAuth flow, but they seem to have moved, sorry.

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I must do that automatically and without accessing manual the Facebook page, the script must get the access token automatically. – Poru Mar 12 '11 at 20:46
@Poru, that is not possible AFAIK. All apps must either be hosted through Canvas, or specifically launch a browser to let the user login, then provide a token back. this is all covered on the api documentation. Once the token is granted you can reuse it from another process. – GrayWizardx Mar 12 '11 at 21:49

That error message sounds more like you have an access token, but the permissions are wrong. Read up on extended permissions

You probably need to ask for "publish_stream" when your user logs in/gives permissions on your "app".

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