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My team and I need to work on a project whose bugs are filed in Bugzilla, using Mylyn.

Do you know of any tool or plug-in that provides scrum-inspired burndown charts to Bugzilla or Mylyn?

Hopefully, this tool would be free for commercial usage, but we're not closed to commercial tools.

Update: 4 hours of research allowed me to find very few free tools. Looks like bugzilla isn't popular in agile teams! And obviously, it's not the best fit.

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Nice research ;-) – Peter Štibraný Feb 9 '09 at 22:02
Thank you. I'm surprised how alone I'm in doing it. ...Looks like most agile teams are able to use other things than bugzilla. – Daniel Jomphe Feb 10 '09 at 14:24

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The Songbird project made a really good job of documenting how they customized their Bugzilla instance and developed tools to automatically generate daily reports, including burndown charts. They released their set of tools as ruby open-source code under the MIT license. Very interesting stuff, especially since it comes from a high-profile, important community project.

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There's Scrum Vision:

  • free
  • open source in very active development
  • for mylyn
  • publishes burndown chart to a Google Spreadsheet

We think of this as the last resort option, because of the charts being generated offsite.

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There's also TargetProcess:

  • commercial
  • free for up to 5 persons, self-hosted (need a Windows server)
  • integrates with Bugzilla and JIRA:
    • Bugzilla synchronization is automatic, one-way (read-only)
    • JIRA synchronization is automatic, two-way
    • Subversion, Selenium, and more
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And there's VersionOne:

  • supposedly the most used commercial tool
  • integrates with Bugzilla, JIRA, Subversion, Fitnesse and more

There's also a really nice features list (PDF).

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There's also Yoxel:

  • commercial open-source
  • integrates with Bugzilla and others
  • not sure if burndown charts are part of the free open-source offering
  • UI and UX made it really hard to find burndown charts. Or maybe because the demo data wasn't setup to make them work, because I've definitely seen line charts, just no burndown-looking one.
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It wasn't easy to find out that ScrumWorks Pro features burndown charts, but on second look, it does:

  • commercial
  • price undisclosed (contact the company for a quote!)
  • Pro integrates with Bugzilla and JIRA
  • synchronization is manual: import or update-from-reimport
  • synchronization is one-way: bugs/issues are read-only in the software
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Their basic edition also offers sprint burndown graphs ; and it's free for commercial usage. – philant Feb 10 '09 at 11:15
...but doesn't include the integrations, if I remember well. – Daniel Jomphe Feb 10 '09 at 14:19

I also found Rally Enterprise Edition.

  • commercial
  • EE integrates with:
    • Bugzilla and JIRA:
      • Bugzilla synchronization is automatic, two-way
      • JIRA synchronization is manual, two-way
    • Mylyn & TaskTop
    • Subversion, Fitnesse, Hudson, Ant, and much more
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  • Free for commercial use
  • Online
  • Simple

Have a look:

Oh they also support teams in different time zones and openID.

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