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The question on keyboard and pickerview displays has been asked many times before but none of the answers have worked in my situation (spent many days on it hoping to avoid a post here). Below is a link of an answer that seems useful but it's unclear how to implement it from the documentation.

My problem: I have a scrolling view with multiple text fields. The keyboard is currently set to stay up the whole time (upon clicking a field) while the user scrolls to each text field for input. However, some inputs will require a pickerView input, so I need that to be able to come in and out.

Playing around with textfield methods such as shouldBeginEditing, didBeginEditing...and so on had no effect on removing the keyboard or showing a picker. The inputView method sounds perfect, see link below, but I couldn't figure out its implementation. Thank you immensely for any help.

Remove keyboard or place Picker View on TOP of keyboard

Questions such as this didn't work: UIPicker and Keyboard conflict

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Also: my classes currently extend UIViewController and <UITextFieldDelegate>. Thanks again. – Ernest Mar 13 '11 at 0:13
Found solution!!… p.s. love you guys - referring to solutioners within link. – Ernest Mar 13 '11 at 23:06

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