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I have a problem with send URL as RouteValue item and get GetVirtualPath with one`s parameter.

 var parameters = new RouteValueDictionary { 
       { CommonUrl.UrlParameters.AnyString, "ItISAnyString"},
       {CommonUrl.UrlParameters.ReturnUrl, "test/myPage/Index"}   

And get URL with this parameters:

RouteTable.Routes.GetVirtualPath(null, anyRouteName, **parameters**).VirtualPath

So I get URL like http://localhost/ItISAnyString/test/myPage/Index

System haven`t recognized this page and sad 404. But if I manually do something like this
http://localhost/ItISAnyString/test$myPage$Index All work fine. I think should exist better way to resolve this problem.


I found that for this Route dont exist any RouteValueDictionary. I think that routing dont undestend second parameter if there is more that one '/' symbol. So I will create it and see what hapens.


My college sad that I have to encode URL when send it as parameter. Ok, I did it. But now I have 400 error. It`s a bit strange, as for me.

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Problem was in the mapping pattern. I have just added {*} pattern to the route maps. Now my global.asax code:

                                            "~/Web/Pages/Test/test.aspx", true);

  public static string Test = String.Format("{0}/{1}/{2}/{3}",
                                                                            "{" + CommonUrl.UrlParameters.FirstParam+ "}",
                                                                            "{*****" + CommonUrl.UrlParameters.Url + "}");

This concept name is "Handling a Variable Number of Segments in a URL Pattern" http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc668201.aspx

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