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I need to have a REGEX that would filter out and only accept a certain groups of string, or in my case, codes.

This is what I have, and it works but doesn't seem like the smartest way to doing this.

/^[046R,047R,048R,049R,050R,051R\ ]+$/

Now, the list of codes that I can accept are anywhere from '046R' to '089R' (the 046 to 089 are sequential). So I can keep explicitly writing all the codes accepted on my expression (as I started above) but there is a better way for sure.
Any ideas?


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Ranges to the rescue:

/^(04[6-9]R|0[5-8][0-9]R) +$/

Live example: http://www.rubular.com/r/Bfnm4Tj7hT

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Thanks guys! that worked nicely :-) –  Bruno Mar 12 '11 at 23:58

Should do the trick. You have to set exclusive on 04x, but 5-8x is pretty generic.


For capturing, surround in parenthesis:

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