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As the question says:
How to access Microsoft SQL Server 2005 from Cocoa on Mac OS X 10.5?
The database driver should be free if possible, paid solutions can be OK as well.

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Some Googling suggests this question:

Which points to these two apps:

Do those meet your needs? If not, can you elaborate on the question? Thanks!

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What google search terms lead you to this? I was unsuccessful after 3 attempts. – Heath Borders Sep 28 '09 at 14:36
Well, this answer is several months old, so I've forgotten my search terms. Usually I chain words together with periods, like sql.server os.x, and that works pretty well. – Brent Ozar Sep 28 '09 at 19:15

If you use ODBC, Actual Technologies makes a Microsoft SQL Server driver for OS X:

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FreeTDS is pretty good and fairly easy to use from Objective-C as it has a C API. However an even easier way is to use the jTDS JDBC driver via the Java bridge. I know that Apple no longer recommends using the Java bridge but it is probably the easiest way to talk to SQL Server and if you structure you code nicely pretty much any other database on the planet.

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Since Apple no longer recommends the Java bridge, I'm not going to use it. What if in 10.6 or later the bridge is gone? Thanks anyway for the comment about FreeTDS. – Marc Feb 11 '09 at 8:10
From what I understand they are not going to drop it completely. They just aren't adding any new features to it. – Daniel Feb 11 '09 at 9:14

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