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How can I vectorize this strsplit function in Matlab so that it runs faster? Thank you

function parts = strsplit(splitstr, str)
  splitlen = length(splitstr);
  k = strfind(str, splitstr);
  parts = cell(length(k)+1, 1);
  s = 1;

  if isempty(k)
    parts{1} = str;

  for i=1:length(k)
    parts{i} = str(s : k(i)-1);
    s = k(i) + splitlen ;

  parts{end} = str((k(end) + splitlen) : end); 
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How slow is it now? – Jacob Mar 12 '11 at 23:59
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You can replace your function by a call to TEXTSCAN.

str = 'testxyztest2xyztest3';
splitStr = 'xyz';
out = textscan(str,'%s','delimiter',splitStr,'multipleDelimsAsOne',1)
ans = 
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You can use regexp (note also the example on string splitting on that page):

out = regexp(str, regexptranslate('escape', splitStr), 'split');

The regexptranslate function escapes the split string so that it gets treated as a literal string and not a regular expression.

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