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I am storing a dictionary object into file using cPickle, and not able to get any other entry other than the first one. Initially the file tweets.pkl is empty, and the EOFError is raised. I am sure it has something to do with it. Thanks

#!/usr/bin/env python                                                                                                                                        

from urllib import urlencode, urlopen
from simplejson import loads
from hashlib import md5
from collections import defaultdict
import json
import cPickle as pickle

def fetch_tweets(new_feeds):
    dic = json.loads(new_feeds)
    feeds_file = open('tweets.pkl','r+b')
        feeds = pickle.load(feeds_file)
    except EOFError:
        feeds = defaultdict()
    # RETURNS ONLY THE FIRST FEED ENTRY                                            
    for i in feeds.iteritems():
        print str(i)

    for i in dic['results']:
        hash = computeHash(i['text'])

        if hash not in feeds:
            appendfeed(hash, i, 'tweets.pkl')

def appendfeed(hash, new_feed, file):
    feed = defaultdict()
    file = open(file, 'a+b')
    feed[hash] = new_feed
    pickle.dump(feed, file)

def computeHash(data):
    h = md5(data.encode('utf-8'))
    return h.hexdigest()
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You're constructing a new dictionary (feed = defaultdict()) every time appendfeed is called, so that new dictionary loses all previous references. You're then appending the new (single-entry) dict to the file.

If you want to restore multiple separate calls to dump like this, then you will need multiple matching calls to load or unpickle, I believe. Each call should then return a separate dict with one element each.

If you want to store one dictionary with multiple keys, lose the append mode and just re-pickle the entire dictionary whenever you need to save. If you want something more efficient for storing simple mappings, have a look at shelve or shove

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Thanks. I didn't know about shelve. It is a more efficient way. –  ajmartin Mar 13 '11 at 1:31
Glad to help. Regards from just south of Mountain View :) –  phooji Mar 13 '11 at 2:58

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