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I am trying to disable output caching in a MVC3 app when in debug. I am specifying output caching in the controllers (via the attribute) but don't want to have to #if DEBUG all over my code. I expected this to work:

// In Web.config.debug
      <outputCache enableOutputCache="false"
                   xdt:Transform="Replace" />

But this seems to be ignored. Any other ideas how to do it system wide without nasty global.asax code or #if DEBUGs everwhere?

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The web.config.debug file is used only when you build a deployment package. If you run your site locally in Cassini for example it is completely ignored. So you may try disabling cache in your web.config:

        <outputCache enableOutputCache="false" />

and in your web.config.release enable the cache. Note though that if you don't use the web deployment package feature those files are completely ignored.

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Found this out just after. Moved this to the Release version and set it to "true". Thanks. –  Shawn Wildermuth Mar 14 '11 at 4:32
This config seems to doesn't work on IIS Express 8 :(. Why so ? –  Freshblood Sep 15 '13 at 3:35

I would think that would work as well. You may want to also try setting enableFragmentCache to false. Per this link:

the EnableFragmentCache property is set to false, no page is cached on the server, regardless of the settings in @ OutputCache directive or caching profile used by the page. For more information, see OutputCacheSettingsSection and OutputCacheProfile.

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