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Flying swissman provided this script, flyingSwissmans slide Script.

it a jquery slider like the one has.

I have problems understanding how i could doing what flyingswissman said..

Then you give each div a unique id each containing a comment from your database. Initialize div 0,1,2 as visible and 3-9 as hidden. - flyingswissman

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Hi, cool to see my snippet is of help.What I'm trying to say is you need to make 10 divs with unique ids. The first three are to be visible the last 7 are to be hidden. That I've already done in the snippet. What exactly is the problem? Also, are you using php /MySQL? – Flying Swissman Mar 13 '11 at 23:10

If you take a closer look at the last lines of his example, he's making the 3 firsts div as "normal" then all other divs are set to display:none. He's doing it in PHP, but you can do the same with javascript. Just make sure all your divs have an unique ID.

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