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I have table inside a div tab. The table has 40 rows in it and the div's height is set to show 10 rows of that table. CSS's overflow:auto lets me scroll through the 40 rows. All is well there.

How can I, with JavaScript cause the table to programatically position to a given row (ie, programmatically scroll the table up or down by row)?

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Where superHappyFunDiv is the ID of the container DIV and rows is a 0-based row index:

function scrollTo(row)
   var container = document.getElementById("superHappyFunDiv");
   var rows = container.getElementsByTagName("tr");

   row = Math.min(Math.max(row, 0), rows.length-1);
   container.scrollTop = rows[row].offsetTop;

Will attempt to scroll the requested row to the top of the container. Tested in IE6 and FF3.

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Thank you very much! Perfect. –  rp. Sep 9 '08 at 22:13
PS: I am a huge fan of div tags being named like they belong in a mom & pop Chinese restaurant. –  rp. Sep 9 '08 at 22:14
Yes - it wouldn't work half as well with any other name. –  Shog9 Sep 9 '08 at 22:19

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