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I'm using Liquid with Sinatra and would like to make a certain value (Sinatra::Application.environment, specifically) available in all templates without defining it as a local in every get/post. Like so:

In app.rb (my main application file):

# nothing in here about the variable
get '/some/route' do
  # or here
  liquid :my_template

In app.rb--my main application file, or something I can require/include:

some_awesome_technique do
  def app_env

In any template:

  {% if environment == :development %}
    Never see this in production
  {% end %}

<!-- or even -->

  {% if dev_mode %}
    Or this...
  {% endif %}

I don't really care about the implementation as long as I don't have to put redundant code in every route. Thanks in advance!

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Something like this will work

before do
  @env = Sinatra::Application.environment

then in your template:

{% if @env == :development %}
{% endif %}
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