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I would like to use rails to output xml on a request from a client (Android device). I have gleaned from web searches that .builder.xml files are the way to go for this, but I cannot find a single tutorial or guide to get me started that is newer that 2006.. does anyone know of a good resource for xml and rails?

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It's probably best to look at the official XML Builder homepage and follow/try the examples there: http://builder.rubyforge.org/

You can use XML Builder in both your controller or in your views, the code is the same. However, inside an .builder view you already have access to a builder instance via the "xml" variable. See: http://danengle.us/2009/05/generating-custom-xml-for-your-rails-app/

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Take a look at this article about XML Builder.

I also highly recommend you to use Nokogiri to generate XML.

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