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In tinyMCE, Is there any way to get the plain text instead of HTML text?

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I just tried this approach:

   .replace(/<[^>]*>/ig, ' ')
   .replace(/<\/[^>]*>/ig, ' ')
   .replace(/&nbsp;|&#160;/gi, ' ')
   .replace(/\s+/ig, ' ')
  • Replaces both opening and closing html tags with space
  • Replaces various known special characters with space (add yours as well)
  • Replaces multiple spaces with a single space

Worked reasonably well, but it is obviously not perfect. I need only an approximation of plain text for purposes of word counting, so I am willing to ignore corner cases such as having part of the word bold or italic (replacement above for <b>a</b><i>x</i> will produce two separate words a b instead of ab).

It is an extension of Regular expression to remove HTML tags from a string

Hope that helps.

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Try this:

tinyMCE.activeEditor.selection.getContent({ format: 'text' });
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var rawtext = tinyMCE.activeEditor.getBody().textContent;
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