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We have a CCNet configuration that is currently performing continuous integration builds, Nightly builds (which publish to our internal test servers) and Weekly builds which generate Setup/Installation packages every Friday morning.

So far so good .. the process has been well received and some of the chaos that surrounded a release has been avoided.

However, some bright spark decided that 'OnDemand' builds would be useful. By this they mean that instead of waiting for the Nightly or Weekly builds it would be good if they could kick one off from either CCTray or the Web Dashboard. Currently I would have to either update the configuration file to kickoff a Nightly/Weekly build or open the project in VS on the server, Rebuild in the appropriate configuration and then run the build script to perform the publishing/packaging etc.

"No Problem" I said, confident that I could sort that out and impress them once more with CCNets configurability. But I have hit a few problems:

  • If I don't create a new project block then how can I determine which build to kickoff - currently a ForceBuild will always kickoff a CI build.

  • If I do create a new project block which trigger do I use? I tried the IntervalTrigger but this kicked off builds every minute even though I didn't specify a value for the 'seconds' element.

  • and when the OnDemand build had completed I expected (hoped) that the Last Build Label on both projects (the CI project and the OnDemand project) would be the same but this was not the case - the CI project was a revision down.

Has anyone else configured such a setup? Am I approaching this from the wrong direction?

Thanks in Advance

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I think I have found a way of doing this (although I've not tried it on the Live configuration yet). Basically I have removed the SourceControl block and emptied out the triggers block. Now, while the Project appears in the Dashboard it does not run on a scheduled basis or in response to SVN commits –  DilbertDave Feb 17 '09 at 16:34
Well I have to add the SVN configuration back in so that any updates that didn't kickoff a build were incorporated but without the triggers this was not a problem. The live environment is now configured and working well. –  DilbertDave Mar 16 '09 at 10:50
I agree on that too. –  Reccur Nishan Sep 20 '13 at 12:35

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