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I am using System() command to execute shell command from perl script but i need to run mutiple commands one after another. How can we do that in one line.

What I am doing currently is :

$cmd = "ls -l cd /home/xyz ls -l" , 

I am sure that single command works fine , Can someone let me know if this is right way to do ? if not what is wrong here ?

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You need to do the same thing that you would in your shell. For your test command, it would look something like:

$cmd = "ls -l ; cd /home/xyz ; ls -l";

Or better yet, as suggested by BadFileMagic:

$cmd = "ls -l ; cd /home/xyz && ls -l";

This way, the second ls is not executed if the cd fails.

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it probably doesn't matter in such as simple example as this, but using && instead of ; is better when stringing commands together, especially of the execution of the next is dependent on successful completion of the command preceding it. – BadFileMagic Mar 13 '11 at 21:00

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