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How can I get html source code from an external web page?

Something like: getHtml('');.

I've tried to get content of iframe using: $("#frame").contents().find("html");, but if in my case the webpage doesn't have html tags, just 1 line of text. I can't do it with php file_get_contents() because it doesn't keep session data.

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Cross domain? not possible without a server process. If you are on windows and can use HTA you can use the iframe

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With javascript, getting the file contents from another domain is not allowed in many browsers for security reasons. In php, you'd have to utilize curl.

For a workaround, you can make a php script with curl on your local domain and call that with javascript.

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i think using javascript xmlhttprequest with setRequestHeader('content-type','xml/text') and the url what u need it will return the responseText as the html of the page

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This answer looks incorrect. You can delete it if you like. This might be a good idea because I think you now have less than one reputation which is not good. If you delete this it might go back to one. – George Bailey Mar 15 '11 at 15:29

In Javascript, you can try to use this:

to bypass same-origin policy

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here is solution to get source of url -

it works for external link. it uses $.ajax() function..

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This should be a comment. – Matthew R. Aug 26 '13 at 15:49

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