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I have created a simple "Hello World" Application using Flash Builder Burrito SDK. I have tested the result in the emulator it is working great.

After that i deployed the application using "Export Release Build Option" and entered valid certificate details and created the .apk file. I copied the .apk file into the device and i run the application. Iam unable to run the app. I have tried these in 3 android supported devices and in each of these i am getting different error messages. I have mentioned the device in which i have tested and the error message i got while i tried to install the app (.apk file)

  1. HTC Desire - "Error while parsing the package of the application"
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab - "Error while parsing the package of the application"
  3. LG Optimus one (LG P500) - "Application not installed"

I have created a New Mobile Project in the flash SDK and added simple label "HELLO WORLD" in the view section.

Before deploying i have installed Adobe AIR 2.5 in the device.

Whether iam missing any of the steps to deploy correctly in the device. If so, please let me know. Also i need to know whether any restrictions are there for applications developed using Flash Burrito Preview Release. (whether by default all android mobile version more than 2.1 will support it?)

Also when i try to install "Tour De Mobile Flex" apk in LG Optimus, it is saying "Device not supported" message.

How do i overcome these problems to run the apk file without any problems.

If you need any other detail please let me know, i will explain it in detail.

Thanks in Advance, Srinivasan.C

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Did you ever figure this out? – Brian Bishop Apr 8 '11 at 13:22

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In flash builder go to 'window' menu - 'Preferences' and in preference window go to 'Target Platforms' - 'Google Android' and set Adnroid SDK Location. now you can able to run the applciation

Thanks Thulasiram

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