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We have a bunch of story libraries in Sharepoint 2003 for all of our different projects. We created a nice Stories Library with a bunch of useful views in Sharepoint. Then I exported it from Sharepoint designer and I use that template to create a library for each new project.

The problem is, the Infopath template always has the same ID. So when you open a story from a different project, you get a "Form Template Conflict" in InfoPath. The only way I found around this is to upload the form template to a Library of a unique name (this changes the Form template ID). But the problem with this is when I create a new, unique library I lose all the cool useful views which were included when I exported the Library.

I tried changing the ID: Form Template Conflict - Same Form ID When Copying Template

But this didn't work, when I published it, it reverted back to the generated one.

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what a waste of a bounty... –  Ovi Tisler Mar 10 '09 at 14:45

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Upgrade to SharePoint 2007

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lol, tell that to my boss –  Ovi Tisler Mar 5 '09 at 14:15

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