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I am currently using the below code to echo a few different variables and 2 line breaks.

But what I would like to know is how can I echo all of the variables including line breaks into one line of code?


function findworld($var) {
    return strpos($var, "world");

$firstvar = "hello world";
$secondvar = findworld($firstvar);
$thirdvar = strlen($firstvar);

echo $firstvar;
echo "<br />";
echo $secondvar;
echo "<br />";
echo $thirdvar;
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the concat operator in php is "."

echo $firstvar . "<br />" .  $secondvar .  "<br />" . $thirdvar;


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You can pass multiple parameters to echo, separated by a comma:

echo $firstvar, "<br />", $secondvar, "<br />", $thirdvar;

To avoid repeating the line break, you could also use implode:

$firstvar = "hello world";
$values = array($firstvar, 

echo implode('<br />', $values);
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You can use string concatenation:

echo $firstvar . "<br />" . $secondvar . "<br />" . $thirdvar;
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Like others have said, but with speech marks in the all the correct places ;)

echo $firstvar.'<br />'.$secondvar.'<br />'.$thirdvar;
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You don't need to concatenate at all with double quotes, you can just:

echo "$firstvar<br />$secondvar<br />$thirdvar";
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