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I am adding the Facebook like plugin onto my website, and from what I understand, when a user clicks 'like' the URL of the current page or a specified page is posted on their wall.

Is it possible to have them join a Facebook page at the same time?

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The like button plugin is for adding external pages to the Social Graph. If you want to have users Like your actual Facebook page from your external Web site, then the plugin you're looking for is the Like Box. You can customise various elements of it to add/remove features such as a live feed of your page or a facepile of people who like you page etc.

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I don't think that this is possible. Have a separate Like Plugin for your Facebook Page.

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This is not possible. The Like feature you add to your website is for a specified URL for the user to Like. The Facebook Like is for the Facebook page only. You can't automatically get a webpage outside of Facebook to Like a Facebook page. If this was possible, it would be an abuse to their system.

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