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I can add an icon to a menu item by adding an <icon> to the <button> element in the in the *.vsct file of my Visual Studio Package.

Unfortunately the <icon>issn't available available in a <menu> element.

How can i add an icon to a submenu?

It is possible to do this from code (preferibly C#)?
Maybe via injecting something into the COM / OLE layer?

TortoiseSVN has a icon in the explorer popup menu, have you ever seen a VS plugin that does this?

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Unfortunately this isn't possible using VS menus (not with vsct, C#, etc), and they're not very extensible in this regard. However, depending on what you're trying to do, (e.g. if you're looking to do this in a context menu within a tool window rather than the VS menu bar), you may be able to use WPF context menus which should give you the control you need.

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I am not sure TortoiseSVN explorer context menu and what you are trying to do in Visual Studio extension are same. As I understand, VSCT Menu element cannot have Icon. Only Button element supports icons. You can check this blog post from DiveDeeper for more information.

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