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I am using jQuery-ui slider for the first time and am confused by a rather basic issue. When setting my slider, I wish to do so without using a theme. When I slide from left to right, the right hand position of the slider handle steps 1 handle width past the slider. This is due to the slider css positioning the handle with left: 100%. I note many many other people using the slider without any difficulty, but can't see how they are getting round this issue.
Demo of issue
I assume I am missing something embarrassingly basic and would love to know what.
many thanks

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Having read a bit more into this, it seems that the slider is designed to act in the way described, but with the handle offset to the left by 50% of its width. Thus the centre of the bar denotes to value - which makes total sense (when the slider denotes a value).
To use the slider as a scrollbar simply wrap the slider in a div which is padded left and right with 50% of the slider's width. I've updated my demo to reflect this.
If anyone has a better solution, without needing the extra div, I would like to see it.

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I checked your demo. You are missing some css files. DID you also download the css files from jquery ui site. For instance ui-widget-content is the css that specifies the width of the slider bar and its missing in your slider. Get a css and link it to your page and you should be fine.

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I was looking to do this without using the theme css, but you point me in the right direction, thanks :) –  Ant Mar 13 '11 at 18:00

Set a left margin or minus half the width of the handle

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It also helps to ensure that the values passed to the slider are integer. I had some issues with the pointer of the slider being in the wrong place but when I forced the value to be integer with parseInt() like so:

value: parseInt(whateverValue)

it worked fine.

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