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In TextMate you can drag one or more files onto the icon and use "Find in Project" to search those files, can this be replicated for the current open buffers in Vim?

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grep lgrep vimgrep lvimgrep

These commands might help you.
Check here, If this is what you are looking for.


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I like LustyExplorer which has a very fast and easy to use "search in buffers" function.

Ack.vim works in a sort-of-similar way but is file-system based.

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capability to search buffers ala Ack is pretty much what I'm looking for, MultipleSearch is the closest to my needs for the time being... –  dobata Mar 15 '11 at 17:53

Out of the box, Vim does not have project management features, but as mentioned by sat you can use various grep command to find something in files or sub-directories.

However you can install project.vim which is a plugin providing the management of multiple files (including search a la Textmate)

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