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Playing with sinatra, I'm stuck on a little problem : when I use params with slashes, it confuses the router engine. So is there a nice way to handle this kind of param without having to encode it ?

The code looks like

get 'add/:url' do

And I intend to get something like /add/ working

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Did you try to use splat parameters?

Something like:

get '/add/*' do
  protocol = params[:splat].first
  address = params[:splat][1..-1].join('/')

  url = protocol + "//" + address
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thank you, I haven't heard about splat parameters and it works perfectly for this case. Indeed, I've looked into the documentation and I found even shorter using capture parameters and regular expressions :

get %r{/add/(.+)} do
  url = params[:captures]
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or use:

url = request.fullpath[5..-1]
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