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I've been experimenting with the Twitter API because I want to display a few lists of tweets on a special page.

Among those lists is a list with all tweets containing a specific hashtag (e.g. #test)

However I cannot find how to get that list in either XML or JSON (preferably the latter), does anyone know how? It is also fine if it can be done in TweetSharp

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You can simply fetch http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q=%23test to get a list of tweets containing #test in JSON, where %23test is #test URL encoded.

I'm not familiar with TweetSharp, but I guess there must be a search command that you can use to search for #test, and then transform the resulting tweets into JSON yourself.

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Too bad the service (search.twitter.com) seems to be down frequently :( Is there any alternative using api.twitter.com –  dtech Mar 13 '11 at 20:31
This is no longer working –  Peter Marshall Jun 17 '13 at 9:50

First install TweetSharp using github https://github.com/danielcrenna/tweetsharp

Here is the code to do a search

TwitterService service = new TwitterService();
var tweets = service.Search("#Test", 100);
List<TwitterSearchStatus> resultList = new List<TwitterSearchStatus>(tweets.Statuses);    

If you have more then one page results you can setup a loop and call each page

 service.Search("#Test", i += 1, 100);
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It seems like there is a change in the API since last few months. Here is the updated code:

TwitterSearchResult res = twitter.Search(new SearchOptions { Q = "xbox" });
IEnumerable<TwitterStatus> status = res.Statuses;
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u access with this url for your tweet searchs. But u have to use OAuth protocols.


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