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How can I retrieve my friends email-addresses? I can get a list of all my friends but only their name and id. I guess I've got to add some Perms but I don't really know how. Some code examples?

The same goes for the birthday question.


// Nicke

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Ok, so how do I use below instead of the fb-login-button? I want to use som extra perms on my site.

FB.login(function(response) {
  if (response.session) {
    if (response.perms) {
      // user is logged in and granted some permissions.
      // perms is a comma separated list of granted permissions
    } else {
      // user is logged in, but did not grant any permissions
  } else {
    // user is not logged in
}, {perms:'read_stream,publish_stream,offline_access'});
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There is no way for apps to obtain email addresses for a user's friends. See the documentation

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You cannot get your friends email addresses without their express permission. They must authorise your application with the "email" permission.

See the Facebook Authentication Permissions page for more details. Here you will see "not available" in the "friends permission" column for the email permission.

As for birthdays, you need the "friends_birthday" permission.

The easiest way to add permissions is to use the JavaScript library for authentication

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You just use the permissions you want in the button as an attribute, if you want the email just use

<fb:login-button perms="email"></fb:login>

The Basic Access is always added.

You can try yourself using the Facebook Read Eval Log Loop

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