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I have this weird problem with DependsOn attribute. I have a test A defined in Assembly ASSM_A and test B defined in ASSM_B (both are test fixtures). When I define a dependency of test B on test A:

public class B
    // my code .....

everything works and compiles in .NET (VS 2008, MbUnit version =, Gallio version = 3.2 build 601).

But when I load both assemblies ASSM_A and ASSM_B in Gallio and run test B (which depends on test A) I get the following message:

[warning] Was unable to resolve a test dependency.

When both tests are in the same assembly - dependency works as it is supposed to.

What might be the problem ? Maybe I should define my custom dependency attribute in case tests are in different assemblies ? If so, can anyone explain how to do so ?

Thanks a lot!

P.S.: Coding is done in C#.

P.S.S.: Read about AssemblyDependsOn but can't use it since it is old MbUnit Read about DependsOnAssembly (which is basically the same as AssemblyDependsOn) but couldn't find int in MbUnit version that I am using.

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The short answer is, that won't work.

Unfortunately, due to the way assemblies are loaded/isolated (by default, in a separate process), it would be quite hard to achieve what you're looking for.

A better error message would be good.

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You should really have all of your tests in a single assembly (and your production code in a different assembly). This makes everything trivial, including dependencies and excluding test code from production code.

DependsOn works fine with tests within a single assembly, so I suggest you switch to this.

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