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I am new to MDX expressions and queries and I am currently looking for something like this -

I have two dates 'Date1' & 'Date2' in Fact Table as Foreign Keys to DATE dimension. I need to do a count of rows where Date1 < Date 2, keeping in account that I don't want to count NULLS. I wrote an expression something like this -

WITH MEMBER [Measures].[RecordCount] AS
COUNT(FILTER([Measures].[RecordCount], IIF([Date1].[Date] <= [Date2].[Date],0,1)=1))
SELECT [Measures].[RecordCount] ON 0

The above queries runs fine, but the count turns out to be incorrect. I created 7 rows in my fact table where Date1 is less than Date2, but still I receive the count as 0.

Any help is appreciated. (any reference sites would be good too for future)

Thanks, Vineet

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You can't really do this easily in MDX, the [RecordCount] measure will be aggregated up before you do the comparison of the dates, so you will never get a valid value.

You would be better to create a named calculation in your DSV that has something like


and then create a measure in your cubes that sums up this new column.

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Thanks Darren, the workaround worked for me. Cheers!! – Vineet Feb 13 '09 at 14:48
If you liked Darren's answer you should choose it as your selected answer. It helps improve the quality of stackoverflow. – Eric Sabine Aug 13 '09 at 0:11

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