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First I have to admit: I am totally new to Haskell. I have practiced a bit with it and now have some trouble concerning string-manipulation:

I need to erase/drop characters beginning from the end of a string. I expected the function dropWhileEnd to do this, but when I try to import Data.Text.Lazy or Data.Lazy, ghc tells me it couldn't find those modules.

My question is: why doesn't ghc find them? Shouldn't they be in the standard library? I am using Haskell Platform 2010.2.0.0 with the included ghc on Windows.

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The 'text' package is part of the Haskell Platform 2011.2 -- it was only added this year. You have two choices:

Stay with 2010.2, and install the text package:

  • cabal install text

Upgrade to 2011.2 here:

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2011.2 is finally out? Sweet! – delnan Mar 13 '11 at 17:53
Thanks for the quick response! Importing works now :) – thelaui Mar 13 '11 at 19:13

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