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I'm trying to find all text nodes on the page using jquery. But no matter what element I select, the nodeType is always 1:

$.each($('*'), function(index, el) { console.log(el.nodeType) });

Which resulted in nothing but "1" being output in the console. And to prove there is a "text node" on the page:

=> "
            I'm text

=> 1

What am I missing here? I'm using safari 5.0.4. I get the same result in firefox 3.6.12.


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jQuery will only select element nodes.

$('p:first') actually selects the first <p> element. To access the contained text node, you would need to access firstChild at the DOM node:

alert($('p:first')[0].nodeName) // alerts P                 <-- element node
alert($('p:first')[0].firstChild.nodeName) // alerts #text  <-- text node


Maybe you also have a misunderstanding: Elements containing text are not text nodes. Every element you create with tags <..> is an element node.



The element node <p> has three children: Two text nodes, containing the text Foo and Baz, and an element node <span> which itself has a text node as child, containing Bar.

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That's true. The whole premise of jQuery is using CSS-like selectors to select elements. –  darkporter Mar 13 '11 at 18:15
@Binary Logic Here is another answer, which describes how to find all text nodes with jQuery: stackoverflow.com/questions/298750/… –  Nathan Ostgard Mar 13 '11 at 18:17

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