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i have two root directories:

  • C:\sourcecode1
  • C:\sourceCode2

they are cuts of a source code tree at 2 different points in time (that was never stored in source control :( )

i need a tool that will show me:

  1. Files in one but not the other (both ways)
  2. Allow me to diff files that are in both directories but have changed
  3. There are certain subfolders that i would like to ignore if possible

They both have deep directory structures. I was originally concerned with different directory structures in the different folders but fortunately the directory structures look the same so its just added/deleted and changed files i need to compare

What is the best tool for something like this?

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Beyond Compare will do this, and is reasonably priced. (Since your paths have drive letters, I'm suggesting a Windows solution - when you're asking for a software solution, you really should specify in your tags which OS you're using.)

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Beyond compare is really great, it performs its tasks correctly, includes lots of features, and the price is really right. Just a happy user. –  AlfonsoML Mar 13 '11 at 18:54

I was also looking for diff tools for windows to use along with SourceTree I found following after doing a bit research, I thought it would be useful for others to share.

Following are some tools ordered by recommendation by users

BeyondCompare I have noticed that most of the developers likes beyond compare more than any other but the bad news is that its not free however you can download its trial version for free. Following are some notable features;

  • 3 way compare and merge
  • Folder comparison
  • Data and Image files comparison
  • MP3 file comparison
  • Synchronize Folders
  • Compares remote directories e.g. FTP
  • Registery comparison
  • Compare compressed files e.g. zip files
  • Also provides the multiple views according to file types

I think with such features $30 is still a bargain price.


Winmerge is an open source and free (GNU General Public License) to use tool and provides all the basic and some of additional following features;

  • Folder comparison
  • Version Control (you can create Patches)
  • Automatic Conflict resolver while merging
  • Integration with Source Safe and Rational ClearCase
  • Integration with windows shell
  • Compressed files comparison
  • Supports Plugin (I don't know the example of this)


This is what I end up using now because it was open source and SourceTree provides integration with it. Following are its features

  • 3 way file compare and merge
  • Automatic conflict resolution while merging
  • Compares remote files e.g ftp
  • You can print differences
  • It also provides the feature to realign the lines if you feel that it is not comparing lines as expected.
  • Windows shell integration
  • Integration with Rational ClearCase
  • Also available for MAC and some unix platforms


TortoiseMerge is a tool most people might have used along with TortoiseSVN. News is that you can use it as a standalone Diff tool, its a lightweight and complete package for basic use, following feature I would like to point out;

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Opensource and free
  • Shell extension
  • Create patch files
  • Conflict resolution

Following are some other tools I know but havn't not used by myself

  • DiffMerge Free with basic features
  • UltraCompare costs $49
  • Araxis Merge costs $49 minimum, I remember a blog author was saying that this might be the best one when it comes to commercial diff-n-merg tools
  • Project Merge Not free but provides 30 days trail, one specialty of this tool is that it parse and compares Xml files as XML (not as a plain text) so if you are involved with xml intensively than this might be one of the good products for you.
  • SD Smart Differencer not free comes on some cost special feature of this tool is that it compares files as a source code of special language. it supports C/C++, C#, JAVA, PHP, Python, Fortron and many other languages.
  • Diffuse Open source project they claim that it cay do N-Way compare and merge
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There are several tools that can do it, including:

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Your question has two parts:

1) differences across directory structures 2) very good source code difference tool

For the first part, you want a tool that will crawl directories and show you which files are different. The answers here, and many answers to Best Diff Tool? provide lots of good suggestions for this.

For the second part, you might consider what it means to compare the source files. If you want the most precise differences between individual files in terms of programming language constructs, you might consider our Smart Differencer.

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I'd like to add another tool that is "freeware".

It is Code compare

Free version it's quite good by itself.

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