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In my project I have to create insert statements based on the tables passed. So I have two options 1)Write preparedstatement and run it in batch 2)Create insert into table values(..),(..),(..)

I want to know the reasons to prefer (1) over (2) if I use Matcher.quoteReplacement() to escape the values

Thanks in advance

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Matcher.quoteReplacement isn't intended to quote SQL strings, so you can't be certain to avoid SQL insertions using it. But even if you had a working quoting function, prepared statements would still be better for several reasons:

  • You don't need to worry about forgetting to quote input
  • You're not tempted to take a shortcut and not quote values you "know" are safe
  • The database can cache the execution plan to avoid parsing similar SQL queries with different parameters, giving a performance boost
  • The code gets more readable (IMHO)
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