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I'm wanting to remove a image from a uibarbuttonitem and take it back to the default button style. The code I'm using to set the customview for the baritem is:

UIButton *backButton = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom];
    backButton.frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, 79, 29.0);
    [backButton setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"imagehere.png"] forState:UIControlStateNormal];

    [self.myItem initWithCustomView:backButton];

So what I'm asking is how can I remove the backButton CustomView and take it back to my default style? Thanks.

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First off, [self.myItem initWithCustomView:backButton] is wrong. You should always be doing something like self.myItem = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithCustomView:backButton].

It does not seem that you can change the type of the UIBarButtonItem; when I tried assigning nil to the customView property in a test app just now it screwed up the whole toolbar. Your best bet would be to just create a new UIBarButtonItem and reset the toolbars items array.

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Isn't self.myItem = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithCustomView:backButton] leaking memory? –  hennes Mar 13 '11 at 19:24
@hennes: Good point, +1 for you. [[[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithCustomView:backButton] autorelease] then. –  Anomie Mar 13 '11 at 19:36
I think it also depends on the @property declaration of myItem. –  hennes Mar 13 '11 at 19:36
+1, I encounter the same problem, and I will try to reassign the items array for tool bar. –  Toro May 20 '11 at 4:00

Simply remove it by

self.myItem =  nil;
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When I did this the custom view disappeared but the default button style didn't reappear, so I was left with an invisible button. –  arlomedia Feb 24 '13 at 4:35

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